Why ANTI-Ponzism?

ANTI is a bear market crypto.

ANTI is built for a bear market, not a bull market. It is built for the crypto skeptic, not the crypto believer. When the crypto market falls in value, people will become disillusioned; and as a result of their disillusionment, they will become more receptive to our message and our token. Here is your chance to hedge any future pessimism in not just the crypto market but financial markets in general.

ANTI is a token on a mission.

ANTI is not a payment token, utility token, or commodity token. ANTI is the world’s first tokenized ideology. It is a token designed to encourage skepticism in financial markets while also feeding off any skepticism that might occur as a result of downturns. ANTI aims to attract passionate investors willing to educate their friends, relatives, coworkers, classmates, and the entire internet.

ANTI is a critique of monetarism.

If Bitcoin was originally founded as a political statement against the 2008 bailouts, then ANTI was founded as a political statement against the massive spike in money supplies during the Covid-19 pandemic—which has made housing even more unaffordable and the super-rich even more rich. Whereas fiscal policy depends on progressive tax systems, monetary policy is often inflationary and acts as a flat tax on the young.

ANTI is a critique of crypto.

Don't believe in crypto? Neither do we. ANTI is perfect for the crypto skeptic as it advances a crypto skeptic message—we help reveal that crypto markets operate like a Ponzi scheme. ANTI is disruptive and encourages the crypto industry to evolve. In time, ANTI may even develop into a counter cyclical crypto so that our price may increase during crypto bear runs when investors become disillusioned, and decrease during crypto bull runs when confidence in crypto is at its highest.

ANTI is a critique of financialization.

ANTI is a statement against industry propaganda. The truth is that many tradable financial assets function by using new investors to pay off old investors rather than by generating returns directly from an asset’s productive output. Most investments are multigenerational Ponzi schemes, whereby the young must buy into assets cheaply purchased by their elders for an inflated price in the hopes of selling them to future generations at an even higher price.

ANTI is anti-authoritarian.

Every business school professor, banker, and politician ignores that the stock market cannot continue to grow without more and more money being thrown in. Every real estate agent and politician ignores that real estate investments can only increase in value if more and more people are locked out of affordable housing. ANTI reveals how wealthy elites make their money: capital gains via Ponzi schemes. The wealthy do not make their money from labor or profits like the rest of us.

ANTI is honest.

Unlike every other crypto project, we don't pretend to be something we're not. We don't pretend to be a permanent store of value. We don't pretend to be a feasible peer-to-peer payment system. We are a tokenized ideology. Like all cryptos, we operate like a decentralized, peer-to-peer Ponzi asset for the internet age. ANTI is therefore the most honest crypto out there, and the most honest investment you will ever own. We are the most moral investment in existence.

ANTI is an experiment.

This is a unique social and financial experiment to test human behavior. What happens when an ideology is tokenized? Does it incentivize people to spread that idea? Most crypto projects claim to solve some real world problem, yet all their users are speculators. The ANTI-Ponzist message turns ANTI into something more than speculation. In the future, our Ponzi could even be used to measure the level of doubt people have in financial markets.

ANTI is a first.

Just as Bitcoin was the first peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, and Ethereum the first smart contract network, ANTI-Ponzism is the first asset that places itself in opposition to mainstream Ponzi assets. As the first tokenized ideology, we stand to invent a new use case for blockchain technology. Even better, our ideology is critical of every other tokenized ideology that might follow because these tokenized ideologies will operate like other Ponzi assets.

ANTI is ethical and harmless.

Unlike the real estate Ponzi, we don't force anyone to pay more for something that they need to live on. It is unlikely that anyone will invest their life savings into ANTI, borrow money to purchase ANTI, or be financially ruined by it. If you make money from ANTI, you can do so guilt-free, because you did not gain anything at the expense of someone who overexposed themselves. ANTI-Ponzism forces its buyers and sellers to remain honest about what they are trading.

ANTI rewards honesty.

Yes, you might lose money in ANTI-Ponzism, but you are giving your money to honest players. Nobody dishonest would invest in ANTI-Ponzism because there is nobody to fool. Unlike other assets, which always claim to be something other than a Ponzi, you will never feel cheated with ANTI if you lose money. ANTI’s low token supply encourages true believers to invest, as only true believers would be willing to buy a fraction of a token for a potentially high price.

ANTI is built for capitalism.

Unfortunately, for younger people, life is like joining a game of Monopoly after everyone’s been playing for 30 years. In capitalist economies you advance by owning Ponzi assets, borrowing to afford those Ponzi assets, networking with those more powerful than yourself (easier said than done), taking and receiving bribes, pooling resources with others, and subverting norms.

ANTI is progressive.

As an ideology that opposes the excesses of capitalism, it is inevitable that we face negative reactions. For the most part, this will come from the usual suspects, angry and privileged Westerners on the internet. Remember that reactionaries oppose new ideas for deeply-rooted emotional reasons, not for logical reasons, and that most 'F.U.D.' used against us will be post-hoc rationalizations for the anger they feel towards Western society.

ANTI is edgy.

If you enjoy meme coins and gambling then this crypto is for you. ANTI is more edgy than Dogecoin because it disrupts social norms. ANTI is about breaking down 1900s-era programming and viewing the world in a new, post-1900s way. ANTI is about questioning the almost religious belief Western-influenced people have in Ponzi markets, and for that reason alone, we are bound to get a reaction from believers in Ponzism.

ANTI is about healing.

By creating the first tokenized ideology, we will be leading the way for every other tokenized ideology. In the future, people may invest in ideologies. Naturally, the temptation to diversify will arise, and smart people will spread their investments across a range of ideology tokens. Ideology tokens might prove to be a solution to an increasingly fractured political landscape. People will be less willing to disrespect one another if they are financially invested in one another’s ideologies.

ANTI is scarce.

Fiat dollars are gradually becoming worthless. In developed capitalist economies, the primary purpose of currency is to pump the value of Ponzi assets—this is why cash is trash in the long run. Capitalist governments maintain a steady (usually low) inflation rate to incentivize you into investing your cash. Conserve your wealth with ANTI-Ponzism tokens. Only 29 million (in honor of the Ponzi crash of ‘29) ANTI tokens will ever exist.

ANTI allows fractional ownership.

Can't afford an entire ANTI token? You don't need to purchase an entire ANTI token to buy in. Even when you purchase a fraction of an ANTI token you are buying into the idea of ANTI-Ponzism, motivating yourself to spread our message, and profiting from its proliferation. We want as many people as possible buying into our philosophy because this normalizes our message.

ANTI is transparent.

Unlike stocks, art, collectibles, precious metals, and real estate, ANTI is transparent. One of the benefits of Ethereum based projects is that you can analyze buy and sell transactions using etherscan.io. The markets for conventional assets contain no record of how many people have gained or lost money over the years. It is therefore difficult to determine to what extent these conventional markets are rigged.